Part one outlines why you should Detox Your Ego. It charts the importance of understanding what you tell yourself, especially under pressure. Key learning is highlighted. Take time for reflection with the stop look and listen sections throughout the book.

Part two overviews my discovery of the Detox Your Ego process. I summarise my early career as a professional cricketer in terms of my initial feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Part three highlights the important findings about ego when working with world champions.

Part four explains the process ahead, showing the model I developed that arose from working with both world champions and other elite athletes.

Part five, six and seven presents the Detox Your Ego programme. Each stage takes you on a journey of self-discovery regarding how your ego impacts your life. You will assess the way you win and lose in life, by examining your level of selfishness and selflessness. You will also unravel your emotional pain when you are doing something important.

In Part seven you will be tasked to build your own personal legacy by increasing your clarity, contribution and purpose. As a result such self-awareness will enable you to self-correct your level of selfishness in life. You will see how your identity has formed and how your self-regard has developed. You will understand much better how conflicts and contradictions manifest in your life. The aim will be for you to increase your ability to operate without ego or selflessly in order to be happier, freer and more successful in life.


Part One: Why Detox Your Ego?

(1) My Challenge to you
(2) An invitation
(3) The Art of Becoming Open
(4) Learn to Stop, Look and Listen

Part Two: The Discovery of Detox Your Ego

(5) Winning For One’s Self
(6) Conclusion: Winning – A Warning
(7) An Alternative: The Masterblaster: Winning for a Community
(8) Being Inspired to do more in life
(9) Learning to deal with adversity
(10) Studying psychology

Part Three: The World Champion Discovery

(11) World Champion athletes results
(12) The Myth of the World Champion – a contradiction confirmed
(13) Flipping a Coin

Part Four: How to Detox Your Ego?

(14) The withoutEGO Pyramid Model – an explanation
(15) The withoutEGO Pyramid Model – Awareness, Belief and Correction Plan (ABC Plan)
(16) The withoutEGO Pyramid Model – ABC Plan in action

Part Five: Inner Ego Programme (what you tell yourself – hidden to others)

(17) Step One: Do you listen to whether you are focussed on winning for yourself or winning for others?
(18) Step Two: Do you smile at your errors?
(19) Step Three: Do you take time finding out what you avoid?

Part Six: Outer Ego Programme (what you tell yourself – seen by others)

(20) Step Four: Do you put effort into doing what you say you are going to do?
(21) Step Five: Do you have Fun?

Part Seven: Transformational Ego Programme (how you can serve others)

(22) Step Six: Do you give to others?
(23) Step Seven: Do you have a purpose in life?
(24) Building your Personal Legacy



Steven Sylvester is a former professional cricketer who is now a leading Chartered Psychologist providing a new approach to human performance across a range of individuals and teams in professional sport, business, and life.

After completing a first degree in psychology at London University’s Goldsmith’s College, he began his career in professional sport, playing academy football for Oxford United and First Class cricket for Middlesex and Nottinghamshire.

After choosing to retire from professional cricket, he completed further academic intensive training with a Master’s degree in psychology to become a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. He has now achieved the status of Associate Fellow within the BPS for his contribution to psychology. He is also a Registered Practitioner Psychologist with the Health & Care Professions Council. Combined with his own experience as a performer, this informed his practice as he began to consult with numerous elite athletes helping them develop into world-class performers.

A number of defining moments occurred when several of these elite athletes became world champions. Today, elite athletes, senior executives, students, teachers, parents and others are now utilising Steven’s unique framework to accelerate and enhance their performance and life.


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